Skill Introduction

Through this skill, you will learn how to use Tableau to do with data what spies do when observing their surroundings: get an overview of the data, narrow in on certain aspects of the data that seem abnormal, and then analyze the data. Tableau is a great tool for facilitating the overview, zoom, then filter details-on-demand approach. Tableau is a lot like a more powerful version of Excel's pivot table and pivot chart functionality. Because Tableau is widely used in business settings, learning the fundamentals of Tableau will help you share visualizations for analysis and to communicate findings in a large number of business settings.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, you will be able to:

  • Create basic charts in Tableau

  • Build and analyze a composite data frame

  • Add dimensions and analytics to charts

  • Create an interactive dashboard

Skill Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction Video

    • Introduction to the Skill

    • Glossary

  • 2

    Content and Activities

    • Getting Started with Tableau

    • Scatter Plots in Tableau - 1

    • Scatter Plots in Tableau - 2

    • Bar Charts and Histograms in Tableau

    • Box Plots and Line Charts in Tableau

    • Adding Dimensions in Tableau

    • Knowledge Check 1

    • Facets and Groups in Tableau

    • Data Joins in Tableau

    • Tableau Analytics Forecasts

    • Tableau Analytics - Clusters and Confidence Intervals

    • Communicating Tableau Analyses

    • Knowledge Check 2

  • 3

    Application Exercise

    • Instructions and Materials

    • Exercise Part 1

    • Exercise Part 2

    • Debriefing

  • 4


    • Conclusion Video

    • Final Quiz

    • Survey Instructions

    • Feedback Survey

    • Survey Verification

    • Next Steps

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