Skill Introduction

In this skill you will be introduced to the role of data analytics in business domains. After reviewing examples of how business analytics have helped large and small companies, you'll learn about a simple framework, the FACT framework, for making data-driven decisions in a business domain. 

You will then be introduced to R and also use R to perform some basic analytic tasks like reading and writing data, and becoming familiar with your data. Importantly, you are not expected to memorize lots of code. Instead, you will explore resources for helping you create code including using built-in documentation for base functions, RStudio, an integrated development environment, and some websites that contain information about using R and RStudio.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, you will:

  • Better understand the role of data analytics in business

  • Have a basic understanding of R, Rstudio, and simple coding

  • Be able to begin working with data in R

Skill curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Business Analytics and R

    • Introduction to the Skill

    • Glossary

  • 2

    Content and Activities

    • Overview of Business Analytics

    • Examples of Business Analytics

    • FACT Framework

    • Knowledge Check 1

    • Introduction to R

    • Getting Started with R

    • Calculations with R

    • Knowledge Check 2

    • Making your Code Readable

    • Functions and Using the Built-in Help

    • Reading and Writing Data

    • Knowledge Check 3

    • Getting to Know Your Data (Part 1)

    • Getting to Know Your Data (Part 2)

    • Getting to Know Your Data (Part 3)

    • Introduction to Other Data Types

    • Knowledge Check 4

  • 3

    Application Exercise

    • Instructions

    • Exercise Files

    • Debriefing

  • 4


    • Concluding Video

    • Final Quiz

    • Survey Instructions

    • Feedback Survey

    • Survey Verification

    • Next Steps

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